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GoGreen in Portland

New Tech

Transforming transportation by encouraging people for more sustainable options with incentives and technology

Sustainability plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. It affects everyone directly, and most of the time, only a few people care about it and understand that even a small gesture can have a tremendous effect on everyone’s lives. It is one of the core missions of Ubiwhere to make the world more sustainable. For that to happen, we need societal, environmental and behavioural changes. We aim to help people understand the impact of small gestures on their communities through technology.

In June 2021, Ubiwhere received funding from the NGI Explorers to develop and demonstrate the GoGreen solution in the City of Portland, together with URBAN.SYSTEMS. The NGI Explorers Program sponsors immersive missions to the United States for Top European Internet researchers and innovators. The program seeks to empower these change-makers to position Europe into the powerhouse of the Next Generation Internet.

Under this programme, Ubiwhere is developing the GoGreen solution that consists of a digital rewarding mechanism based on Blockchain technology, making use of open standards (GTFS, DATEX-II) and open APIs for easy data exchange and integration with existing or third-party applications. The aim is to create awareness about greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and encourage people to use the most sustainable means through incentives and by validating their choices using the GoGreen application.



Improving sustainability by showing people it is easy and profitable for them



The project is currently underway in the city of Portland, in the state of Oregon (United States). This rewarding system will be used by the visitors and employees of several points of interest in the Central Eastside District of Portland (e.g. OMSI, Autodesk, just to name a few). Visitors can get to these points of interest by taking sustainable and non-sustainable transit means. However, it seems to be a challenge to have people opt for more sustainable means to travel due to a lack of awareness of the available modes and their accessibility. With these rewarding mechanisms that take into account both the CO2 emissions and users’ preferences, we aim at validating the solution with the Portland community and assess these rewards’ impact on their behaviour by validating their choices using the GoGreen app in a trustworthy manner that ensures data privacy.




We will publish the results of the pilot very soon, please stay tuned!