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New Tech

A transformative mission to revolutionise an academic online portal

Ubiwhere embarked on a transformative mission to revolutionise the University of Aveiro’s Academic Online Portal (PACO). The primary objective was to undertake a comprehensive technological renewal, elevating the system’s capabilities for managing vital academic information.

The project’s scope extended beyond mere improvements, aiming to construct a credible, secure, and lightning-fast access point to the University of Aveiro’s supplementary resources. Ubiwhere’s ultimate goal was to empower the academia with cutting-edge tools, providing both students and faculty with a more reliable and modern digital ecosystem.


In pursuit of excellence, Ubiwhere executed a series of strategic initiatives to revamp the Academic Portal, catering to the specific needs of the University of Aveiro’s academic community.


Key enhancements included: enhanced virtual secretary, curriculum plans and exam management, simplified functionalities and updated support tools for professors.


The results of Ubiwhere’s transformative efforts are expected to be nothing short of remarkable. The University of Aveiro’s Academic Portal underwent a profound evolution, setting new standards for academic management platforms.