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New Tech

Driving sustainability with progressive improvements

Somengil, a leading company in its industry, sought a web presence that showcased the revolutionary MultiWasher product. Amidst the pandemic, Ubiwhere took on the challenge and designed multi-language landing pages, enabling easy webinar registration and product demonstrations. By looking at these landing pages, their target users could quickly sign up for the webinars to assist product demos, as a strategy of reaching potential customers. The flagship product, MultiWasher, stood out as ergonomic, user-friendly, and highly effective.

Specialising in industrial washing and sanitisation, particularly for the food industry, Somengil tasked Ubiwhere with developing a modern website that mirrored their market relevance. Ubiwhere embarked on an ongoing project, exploring ways to extend MultiWasher’s reach to Somengil’s customers, firmly aligned with sustainability ideals.


Ubiwhere developed a private management tool focused on the commercial teams that deliver an automatic generation of studies, allowing them to analyse the return on investment quickly. This same tool is responsible for providing a comparative analysis of the client’s current activity with the product’s investment results, realising costs, and demonstrating the advantages of Somengil products. We also developed a management tool dedicated to the Somengil sales team, making it easier to present personalised services and offers to its customers. With this tool, it is possible to evaluate all the advantages that Somengil products add to the market, understanding the return on the investment made with their solutions.

The sales representatives can now carry out specific studies applied to each customer reality, detailing the particular advantages of betting on highly engineered washing equipment. The app made it possible to simplify the acquiring current operating data on the website, ensuring the centralisation of the information necessary for the study’s preparation and accelerating Somengil’s sales team’s analysis capacity.


Ubiwhere’s collaboration with Somengil exemplifies the power of innovation and digital prowess in driving success. The cutting-edge web presence, digital tools, and market research solutions amplified Somengil’s impact and strengthened their position in the industry. Together, Ubiwhere and Somengil embraced a sustainable journey, creating and developing tools that fostered growth, customer engagement, and operational excellence.