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Águeda Urban Platform

Smart Cities

Empowering Águeda municipality’s Smart Mobility revolution

Ubiwhere embarked on a groundbreaking project to create a cutting-edge tailor made digital mobility platform for Águeda Municipality. The platform’s primary goal was to seamlessly integrate various mobility verticals through APIs, enabling efficient management and monitoring. The project encompassed a wide range of functionalities, from real-time ecological footprint calculations to informative dashboards and responsive interfaces accessible via multiple devices.

Our cutting-edge platform seamlessly integrates diverse mobility verticals, such as Collective Transport, Rail Transport, Bike Networks, and Public Charging Stations. With eco-friendly insights and real-time data, empower informed decisions to reduce CO2 emissions. It offers comprehensive municipal management, real-time citizen connectivity through a user-friendly app, interactive information panels, limitless geographical accessibility, device-friendly solutions, and thematic dashboards for data-driven decisions.


This is not just a platform, it’s a catalyst for transforming the way Águeda Municipality moves and grows.

Through Ubiwhere’s expertise, Águeda Municipality now boasts an integrated, state-of-the-art mobility management platform. The solution has revolutionised the municipality’s approach to transportation, fostering sustainable mobility, and providing citizens with real-time insights. The platform’s user-friendly design and diverse functionalities have enhanced mobility management, contributing to a more eco-friendly and efficient urban environment.

Ubiwhere’s success in executing this comprehensive project reaffirms our commitment to pioneering smart solutions for cities. Águeda Municipality’s partnership with Ubiwhere exemplifies the power of innovative technology in creating a greener and more connected urban landscape. With this transformative platform, Águeda Municipality has paved the way for a sustainable future, where mobility is seamless, informed, and environmentally conscious.