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Guimarães Urban Platform

Smart Cities

Empowering Urban Sustainability: The Urban Platform In Guimarães

Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform in Guimarães garnered recognition as a pioneering smart city solution, earning it the prestigious status of a "good practice" endorsed by the European Commission.

The platform’s transformative capabilities have propelled Guimarães towards enhanced sustainability and urban development.

By integrating real-time data from various sources, including urban mobility, energy efficiency, and air quality.

This tailor-made solution serves as the backbone for the Guimarães Integrated Operations Centre ("Centro de Operações Integradas"), an operational coordination centre, integrating the Municipal Civil Protection Center, Municipal Police, Urban Innovation and Interpretation Laboratory, and the Minho Mobility Data Access Point.

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The Urban Platform’s accessibility and harmonised data enable novel features, including event impact analysis on smart mobility, smart traffic flow, smart parking occupancy, smart air quality, and noise levels.

This data-driven approach enhances citizens’ awareness and encourages sustainable behaviours.

By fostering digitalization in public administration, the platform delivers a comprehensive view of Guimarães, supporting data-based governance and informed decision-making. The Urban Platform’s success serves as a best practice, affirming its value in advancing sustainable urban living and driving the city towards a greener and more prosperous future.


By harnessing real-time data and promoting informed decision-making, the platform empowers Guimarães with the tools to embrace sustainable practices, setting an inspiring example for smart cities worldwide.