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Organic Waste - INOVA-EM Cantanhede

Smart Cities

The largest selective collection of Bio-Waste in Portugal

The European Directive 2018/851 establishes 2023 as the target year for the selective collection of bio-waste in the European Union. In this context, Municipalities and other Entities are facing pressure to implement effective systems for collection and separation. From the idea to reality, INOVA-EM takes the decisive step to implement the selective collection of bio-waste in Cantanhede.

Therefore, Smart Payt (Ubiwhere’s solutions) are applied in the municipality of Cantanhede for the selective collection of bio-waste, being the largest project in Portugal so far. 400 waste containers (360L) equipped with access control technology, are being installed, aggregated in Ubiwhere’s platform for integrated management.


Based on smart equipment, Smart Payt enables controlled access to waste containers to digitise the amount of rubbish thrown away. Through Radio-frequency identification devices (RFID), it enables access management of waste containers for one of two purposes: incentivise citizens to reduce the amount of waste produced with PAYT (Pay-AsYou-Throw), or reward citizens for separating their waste with RAYT (Receive-As-You-Throw).


The web platform is responsible for the management operations on the devices that perform access control to data visualisation insights and reports about sustainable behaviours. 



Ubiwhere has been helping cities to become greener and more sustainable, applying Circular Economy principles supported in innovative and technological solutions.