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Outdoor Routes & Motorhome Service Areas

Smart Cities

Camping as you have never experienced before

Ubiwhere’s innovative initiative aims to revolutionise camping and motorhome experiences in Portugal, promoting smart tourism through the use of cutting-edge digital tools. The main objective is to elevate the camping and motorhome industry by offering greater speed and reliability to both national and international visitors.

Ubiwhere’s team developed a comprehensive web portal dedicated to promoting camping and motor caravanning across Portugal, providing convenient booking and parking options. Moreover, the project involved the creation of specific modules and customised interfaces for each campsite, tailoring the platform to meet their unique requirements.


The launch of an exclusive iOS and Android app enables campers to seamlessly manage their reservations and access valuable information about all the Portuguese campsites and motorhome areas. After completing bookings, tourists receive QR codes that must be scanned at smart gates installed at the venues, enhancing security and streamlining the visitor experience.

Additionally, Ubiwhere implemented cutting-edge immersive and digital technologies, such as Augmented Reality information modules and Geofencing mechanisms, further enriching the visitor’s journey with interactive panels featuring cartographic elements, textured 3D objects, photography, and panoramic animations. 

This tailor made solution integrates the national offer of Campsites registered in the National Register of Tourist Establishments (Registo Nacional de Empreendimentos Turísticos – Turismo de Portugal) and the Service Areas for RVs/Motorhomes/Campervans.

In the specific case of Service Areas for RVs/Motorhomes/Campervans, this platform also includes an exclusive online booking system, which is a specific response to this market segment. 

Ubiwhere’s commitment to combining technology and human-centric values sets the stage for the future of smart tourism in Portugal and beyond.

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