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Pioneering Autonomous Bus in Aveiro

Smart Cities

Aveiro embraces the future of mobility

Aveiro has fully embraced the concept of Future Mobility, propelling itself into the forefront of smart mobility, introducing driverless shuttles for a smarter and more sustainable commuting experience. Under Ubiwhere’s expert guidance, the EU-funded project, seamlessly integrated self-driving vehicles into the city’s transport system, enhancing the commuting experience with cutting-edge technology.

Firstly presented at Aveiro Tech Week, the initiative’s main objective was to provide a safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation option for both residents and visitors in Aveiro.


Ubiwhere played a key role in the project’s success, utilising their expertise in 5G infrastructure and V2X communication to establish seamless connectivity among vehicles, infrastructure, and pedestrians. This real-time data exchange enabled optimised route planning, improving traffic efficiency and reducing congestion.


Aveiro’s ambitious vision and Ubiwhere’s expertise have jointly set a new standard for smart mobility, positioning the city as a leader in embracing innovative and sustainable transportation solutions.

The successful integration of autonomous mobility solutions sets an example for other cities, demonstrating the potential of smart transportation in creating a greener and more efficient urban environment.