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Smart Cities

Bringing Heritage into the Future

Already world-renowned for its emblematic cultural heritage and history, Granada is now preparing to become a Smart Destination of international reference. Aware of the economic, social and cultural importance of tourism, the city is ready to embrace Smart Tourism as a means of local development. This initiative is responsible for the digitalisation of the entire tourism sector in the region, namely in the components of digital support for tourist information, creation of cutting-edge content, and analysis of consumer behaviour.

All digital components are integrated into Ubiwhere’s Smart Tourism Destination Platform (Urban Platform): a tailor made solution that collects all the region’s tourism-related data, enabling the analysis of the sector’s performance and socio-economic impact on the territory through a single dashboard.

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Benefits for Decision-Makers and Companies


-Smart Tourism Destination Platform (Urban Platform): Provides access to all the Region’s tourist information, enabling strategic planning and information-based decisions;


-Content Manager: Centralises all the destination digital promotion content with an open data portal based on the information that is aggregated on the Smart Tourist Destination Platform;


-CRM system: To retrieve contacts in order to leverage the potential of email marketing in the future;


-Survey tool to be used at welcome centres, enabling the Granada Region visitors profiling, based on their preferences.


Benefits for Visitors and End-users


-Tourism Portal, highlighting the best of Granada region;


-Mobile App to guide the visit and interact with the user at specific points of interest;


-Digital Content, using Augmented and Virtual Reality technology of excellence, giving support and charm to the multiplicity of experiences offered among the destination;


-Visitor Reception Center Desk installed in the Palacio de Niñas Nobles, enhanced with informational devices and immersive digital content;


-Smart signage in the Universo Lorca territory and in the Granada Geopark, with which the visitor can interact through mobile devices.


The platform meets the requirements of UNE 178104:2017 (Integrated Management Systems for Smart Cities) and UNE 178502:2018 (Indicators and tools for smart destinations) standards.