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Viagem do Elefante

Smart Cities

Bringing stories to Reality

From Lisbon to Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo. Inspired by the book “A Viagem do Elefante”, by Nobel Prize laureate José Saramago, this project consisted in developing a literary touristic route, simulating the path taken by elephant Salomão.

This new touristic product, promoted by Territórios do Côa, benefits from new digital tools, namely a smart platform which provides information on the natural and cultural heritage, gastronomy. The tailor made website also offers an integration of itineraries that can be defined by the user.

Furthermore, new digital content was created so the visitor can access additional informative content through an interactive experience using a mobile device due to ist responsive design.

Simultaneously, the new tools allow data collection about the visitor preferences providing intelligent monitoring to decision makers and operators.

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It is essential to modern tourism activity to connect different stakeholders within the tourism network, namely local businesses and services, organisations, the community and visitors.

Ubiwhere has analysed the ongoing changes and how Tourism has been evolving and adapting while focusing on future Smart Tourism tendencies and what technologies will be essential for its implementation.

Ubiwhere brings Tourism into the light of a more global, technological and sustainable future. Tourism 360º is guided by “From Vision to Reality”, using research and development, specialised expertise and project monitoring throughout all its phases. By combining skills derived from expertise in Smart Cities and Connectivity, it is possible to develop innovative Smart Tourism services that are useful for the economic agents and satisfying for tourists.


Ubiwhere was responsible for presenting a user-friendly technological solution to enhance in a single platform a unique literary touristic route.