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Anacom 5G Auction


A technological platform for the auction of the 5G network spectrum in Portugal.

With the arrival of the 5G network in Portugal, ANACOM (national regulatory authority for communications) launched a public tender to develop a technological platform dedicated to the auction of the spectrum for the 5G network, following the same process held for the 4G network. The tender was won by Ubiwhere, which is responsible for the development of the web platform for telecommunications operators.

Thanks to this auction, proposed for the global development of mobile communications in Portugal, telecommunications operators can use a series of network spectrum bands to deploy voice and mobile data services.


This web platform allows its users - TELCO operators who already passed through a previous qualification - to access information on what is being auctioned and the respective value, the remaining time for the auction to end with a countdown timer, the value of the highest biddings and the minimum bid amount. This platform also presents the latest records associated with users’ activity and the spectrum lots available to place their best offer on the chosen lot.


The availability of this auction has the main benefit of providing higher quality services by national TELCO operators, with a notable improvement in all mobile services, especially those with 5G coverage.



With the development of this platform, Ubiwhere consolidates its experience in the telecommunications area, positioning itself as a national technological reference.