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A tool that checks the actual speed of the Internet connection

What is the real speed of your internet? Is the neighbour’s internet better than yours? NET.medepro is a tool created by Ubiwhere to ANACOM, that allows its users to check the actual speed of their Internet connection. With Net.medepro it is possible to quickly perform a test, which gives information about the delay and download and upload speeds.

It is also possible to check if there is any traffic shaping index on the connection. This is a mechanism used by operators to manage connections traffic, by imposing restrictions on access to the internet.


Main features of the platform: different user profiles and user connection history; comparison between the Internet connections of the user and the service offered in the area; proprietary mechanism to identify the uniqueness of an Internet access; statistical reports and application available for desktop (Windows, MAC OS and Linux) and mobile devices (Android and iOS).


Measure of the following network indicators: latency, jitter (packet delay variation) and pack loss; download/upload speed; net neutrality; traffic shaping and web page access and load time.


This solution, created in 2013, is annually visited by more than 300 thousand users.