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A probing platform designed for spectrum sensing applications

In an age where turning on a television is a daily ritual, it’s easy to take for granted the ease of access to information and entertainment. However, many remote areas in Portugal lacked this convenience, prompting ANACOM to seek a transformative solution. Ubiwhere emerged as the perfect partner to address this challenge and revolutionise television access for underserved communities.

The Ambitious Goal:

ANACOM’s vision was to create a national network dedicated to monitoring the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) signal across Portugal. The project entailed deploying 386 probes from the northernmost reaches to the southernmost corners of the country. This ambitious initiative aimed to connect and empower communities that were previously deprived of television services.


Ubiwhere delivered a comprehensive solution to realise ANACOM’s mission. The project comprised two vital components:

Web Portal for Nationwide Monitoring:

Ubiwhere designed a user-friendly web portal that provided real-time status updates and signal monitoring for all 386 probes spread across the nation. This centralised platform allowed ANACOM to oversee and optimise the television signal distribution, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience for citizens in remote regions.

Android Application for Probe Installation:

To support the deployment of new probes, Ubiwhere developed an intuitive Android application. This tool acted as an essential aid during the installation process, simplifying the setup and configuration of new probes. The application streamlined the process, ensuring seamless integration into the existing network.  

ANACOM’s partnership with Ubiwhere exemplifies the power of cutting-edge technology in fostering inclusivity and connectivity.