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Ubiwhere’s 5G Neutral Host Platform Empowering Smart Cities


Ubiwhere’s 5G Neutral Host Platform Empowering Smart Cities

Ubiwhere’s expertise in 5G technology and Network Slicing culminated in the development of the 5G Neutral Host platform, evolving from EU-funded R&I projects SELFNET and SONATA in 2014 to the 5GCity initiative in 2017. This platform, known as Urbsense, forms the foundation for a comprehensive City Nervous System, connecting various stakeholders like Infrastructure Owners, MNOs, Cities, and Verticals to jointly develop an open and common testbed for Smart Cities and verticals.

Urbsense leverages 5G technology, Edge Computing, and IoT to facilitate intelligent urban planning, telecom site deployment, network management, data collection, and hosting services closer to data sources.


Urbsense, the City Nervous System, offers a collaborative platform for planning telecom site deployment, managing multi-tenant leases, coordinating 5G network maintenance, and collecting data from IoT devices. It enables hosting services and applications closer to data sources through Edge Computing, maximising efficiency and reducing latency. The 5G Neutral Host platform benefits Infrastructure Owners, System Integrators, MNOs, Cities, and Verticals by fostering joint innovation and facilitating Smart City solutions.


The platform’s capability for real-life demonstrations showcases the potential of 5G technology, network slicing, and neutral hosting across various industry sectors, further positioning Ubiwhere as a leading player in advancing Smart Cities and connected verticals. As a crucial part of the City Nervous System, the platform supports telecom site planning, network management, and data collection, while hosting services closer to data sources for optimised performance.


The successful real-life demonstrations underscore the platform’s potential in empowering Smart Cities and connected verticals, securing Ubiwhere’s position at the forefront of innovation in the Smart Cities domain.