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MAY 24 2024

São João da Madeira embraced Ubiwhere’s invitation to digital innovation with the Roadshow Digital Nervous System Testbed


On the 21st of May, Ubiwhere and SANJOTEC - Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia organised the session ’’The challenges of the digital transition’’. This event was focused on the solutions available for a company to accelerate digital innovation. It was aimed at Portuguese start-ups and SMEs, where more than fifty services available for the technological evolution of companies were presented.

The "Roadshow Digital Nervous System Testbed" by Ubiwhere began with the presentation "Accelerating Innovation in startups and SMEs" by Sandra Barnabé, Innovation Manager at Ubiwhere, who promoted the Digital Nervous System Testbed, a campus for startups and SMEs to develop and test innovative product and service ideas using computing continuum, 5G, IoT edge-to-cloud and zero-touch automation technologies.

The Roundtable "The challenges of the digital transition" featured Ana Pereira, Head of R&I at Ubiwhere, João Dias, Co-Founder of n.0 and Eduardo Mendes, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect Robotics. The speakers presented cases and success cases with practical examples and disseminated the differences and similarities in the different sectors of the companies represented on the panel of speakers with regard to the digital transition and technological needs.

During the Roundtable "The challenges of the digital transition", various topics related to the event’s theme were discussed. João Dias, Co-Founder of n.0, mentioned that digital acceleration in his company is linked to Artificial Intelligence. Ana Pereira, Head of R&I at Ubiwhere, explained that digital transition technologies help companies make their processes more efficient, guaranteeing that ‘it’s not difficult to start the digital transition and that technological solutions are there to help and facilitate it’. Eduardo Mendes, Co-Founder and CEO of Connect Robotics agreed with the speakers, emphasising that the digital transition begins with ‘identifying the needs’ of the market.

The "Roadshow Digital Nervous System Testbed‘’ took place at Sanjotec in São João da Madeira, with the aim of informing Portuguese startups and SMEs about the main challenges of the digital transition and the solutions available to accelerate innovation in companies.