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MAY 17 2024

Save the date: Roadshow Digital Nervous System Testbed - a journey through innovation promoted by Ubiwhere!


On the 17th and 21st of May, Ubiwhere is taking to the streets to organise the ’’Roadshow Digital Nervous System Testbed’’, a dynamic initiative that aims to present DNS Testbed, its services, the advantages it offers to Startups and SMEs, and thus encourage companies to apply for the Waves of this solution. The ’’Roadshow Digital Nervous System Tested’’ will have two stops: on the 17th of May, at the Instituto Pedro Nunes in Coimbra, and on the 21st of May, at Sanjotec in São João da Madeira.

Ubiwhere is inviting Portuguese startups and SMEs, as well as all the companies incubated at the Instituto Pedro Nunes and Sanjotec, to take a ride with us on a journey towards innovation. On the 17th and 21st of May, the Digital Nervous System Testbed will be parked in two cities - Coimbra and São João da Madeira - and will guide all those interested towards digital innovation!


On the 17th of May, Ubiwhere, in partnership with Instituto Pedro Nunes, will organise the event “Os desafios da Transição Digital“. Ubiwhere and IPN intend to showcase their technological solutions for SMEs and startups.

Meet the program for the 17th of May at IPN, Coimbra:

10h00 | Reception of participants
10h15 | Opening session
10h35 | The challenges of the digital transition - Services available to startups and SMEs
               Digital Nervous System Testbed, Ubiwhere (multiple sectors)
               TEF-Health Testbed, Instituto Pedro Nunes (Health sector)
               EDIH DigiHealthPT, Health Cluster Portugal (Health sector)
11h00 | Networking coffee break
11h15 | Pitch by the companies (25 min)
11h45 | Roundtable (30min) moderated by Ubiwhere
12h30 | Closing remarks


On the 21st of May, Ubiwhere will organise the Roadshow Digital Nervous System Testbed: come and find out about the main challenges of the digital transition and the solutions available for your company to accelerate innovation!

Meet the program for the 21st of May at Sanjotec, São João da Madeira:

10h30 | Reception for participants
10h45 | Opening session
11h00 | Accelerating innovation in startups and SMEs
               Digital Nervous System Testbed, Ubiwhere
11h20 | Roundtable: The challenges of the digital transition
12h15 | Closing remarks


Ubiwhere is the promoter of one of the thirty Testbeds approved under the National Testbed Network - the Digital Nervous System (DNS) Testbed, which seeks to be a development and experimentation campus for Startups and SMEs to leverage their products in the Digital Transition. The DNS Testbed has more than 50 services available to accelerate your company’s innovation and provides edge-to-cloud services, the knowledge and support of a multidisciplinary team, helping these companies to accelerate getting products to market at reduced costs.

With this initiative, Ubiwhere will seek to display a proposed solution to the challenges presented, using the services available on the DNS Testbed.

If you belong to a Portuguese SME or startup, sign up and be one of the passengers on this journey towards the digital transition! Fill in the forms below: