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MAY 26 2024

Ubiwhere unveils technological research projects at IoT Solutions World Congress 2024


On the 22nd of May, Ubiwhere travelled to Barcelona to visit the IoT Solutions World Congress, the premier event for digital transformation trends and disruptive technologies. This international event is dedicated to creating a dialogue between leaders who drive powerful digital innovation initiatives and transform industries. For this reason, Ubiwhere visited the IoT Solutions World Congress to disseminate its research projects: IMAGINE-B5G, NebulOuS, MLSysOps and BeOpen.

IOTSWC 2024’s mission was to help every technology company stay ahead of the curve and focus on the technologies with the greatest business impact. In this way, the event offered a unique opportunity to explore the industry’s future and build a roadmap for success. Ubiwhere joined this international initiative and showcased four of its technological innovation projects to partners and market leaders, helping to create a world of innovation and disruption.

In representation of Ubiwhere, Ana Pereira, Head of R&I, and Sandra Barnabé, Innovation Manager, were in Barcelona to promote our projects: IMAGINE-B5G, NebulOuS, MLSysOps and BeOpen.

- IMAGINE-B5G enables concurrent trialling of high volumes of diverse innovative and advanced use cases from seven verticals: PPDR, smart agriculture, media, eHealth, education, transportation, logistics, Industry 4.0, and energy sectors. Ubiwhere’s contribution is to provide its edge computing platform, which is efficient in collecting and processing data to provide smooth real-time reporting, critical updates, and actionable intelligence;

- NebulOuS is a project that aims to build a Fog brokerage solution to replace the Public Cloud paradigm through resources extracted from an interconnected, interoperable, and heterogeneous local micro-cloud network. For this project, Ubiwhere is responsible for orchestrating between components and for the first Pilot Demonstrators: the Windmill Maintenance and City Vision for City Maintenance;

- MLSysOps is able to design, implement and evaluate a complete framework for autonomic end-to-end system management across the full cloud-edge continuum. Ubiwhere owns the Smart City Application use case that aims to make streets and sidewalks safer for pedestrians by analysing how demand patterns change, identifying emergencies, providing faster response and producing complex analytics. We are also responsible for the preparation & support of real-world application testbeds;

- BeOpen enables the development of new digital and AI services by facilitating access to and use of EU Public Sector High-Value Datasets.


As we enter a new era of innovation and disruption, it’s more important than ever to be agile, collaborative, and game-changing. With this philosophy in mind, Ubiwhere collaborates with internationally renowned technology organisations to build a smart future for everyone.