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Tourism 360º



Tourism that connects people.



Tourism 360º is a catalogue of integrated technological Smart Tourism solutions.

It aims to promote the cooperation between stakeholders and provide the best touristic experiences to visitors, while assuring conditions to adapt tourism offers to the target public and optimize operations.

Tourism 360º considers this industry as a driver for the development of territories and an opportunity to effectively guide strategic decision-makers.

Merging technology and sustainability, Tourism 360º provides integrated cutting-edge solutions with high social impact.


Tourism 360º sees tourism as a changing and increasingly complex industry, recognising the need for organisations to coordinate their activities and make informed decisions regarding their strategies.

To this end, the concept aims to present Smart Tourism services that can be designed in accordance with the needs of the organisations involved, namely in terms of information and decision support resources, using state-of-the-art technology and expertise acquired through the development of projects associated with Smart Cities and Telecommunications.


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Main Features

Tailor-made innovation

Flexible and effective solutions, developed according to the client’s needs.

IT-powered integration

360º view based on cutting-edge technologies, providing more clarity for organisations and better tours for visitors.


Technological expertise

Skilled and motivated professionals with experience in the Smart Cities and Telecommunications industries.

Data-based decision-making

Data collection and analytics as a means of supporting strategic decisions and improving operations, services and resource management.