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Urban Platform




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Have you ever imagined having your city as a single, integrated system like an orchestra?




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Due to its all-inclusive dashboard, the management of smart cities can be done with all kinds of data and information from a wide range of sources, from sensors to video surveillance cameras and reports sent by citizens.


The Urban Platform provides municipalities with a global and integrated view of their cities, presenting data from various domains, such as traffic, air quality and waste collection.

This information, presented in a single control panel, allows municipalities to obtain the data needed to make informed and targeted management.

In this way, they can ensure that the decisions taken are well-founded and provide empirical reports on their impact.

Users can customize their dashboards by choosing information from any available source and combining it into different domains such as mobility and environment, with the ultimate goal of reducing operating costs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and, as a result, improving the quality of life of its citizens.



The 3D perspective of the city offers an immersive user experience and open doors to a new layer of information from buildings and other infrastructure.

Ubiwhere Ubiwhere

Bearing in the mind the real needs of the cities of the future, Ubiwhere has bet on the development of a single platform that integrates all kind of information to facilitate the work of those who need to act quickly.


Main features

Single integrated system

Centralised collection and processing of data from heterogeneous sources and city systems

Interoperability & Standardization

Seamless integration and standardisation of different kinds of protocols and standards


Occurrences management

Integrated and customizable workflows for a more efficient and coordinated response to incidents

Cross-domain data analysis

Correlation of information for knowledge extraction, forecasting, reporting and impact assessment


Sustainability by design

Well-defined metrics to help cities benchmark their progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Real-time indicators

Dynamic, contextual insights about the city ecosystem to foster smooth operations



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