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Ubiwhere was inspired by people during Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

The meeting between cities and the future

The biggest Smart Cities event


Between 15 and 17 November, Ubiwhere was at the Smart City Expo World Congress. Under the theme "Cities Inspired by People", we were also inspired by people to present and continue building solutions for Smart Cities. Together, as a team, we showed the difference. The creativity. The innovation. The true identity of Ubiwhere. And it is with this vision that we keep our motto: Suiting The Future.

Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 brought together leading technology companies, government entities and innovative organisations working to move cities towards a better future in Barcelona.

Ubiwhere, as a leading company in the digital sector focused on the research and development of innovative technological solutions oriented towards the areas of Smart Cities and Telecommunications, was one of the business entities to mark its presence at Fira Barcelona.

This event allowed us to share scientific knowledge about our products and our products and to disclose the main challenges of urban transformation and the best solutions for smart cities. We were visited by hundreds of people from the four corners of the world, and by them, we were inspired to build, idealise, and create concepts and solutions to their problems. Ubiwhere is by people for people, and the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 was the ideal scenario to be inspired by people and to inspire them to think according to our motto "From Idea to Product".


’’We were inspired by people to continue building solutions for Smart Cities.’’

Ubiwhere presented new features during the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022


This year, Ubiwhere presented itself at SCEWC’22, affirming and showing that the smart city can be within everyone’s reach and that any citizen, regardless of their digital literacy, has the right to benefit from the information generated by the city in which they live. In this edition, Ubiwhere presented some new developments that were highly praised: TELCO products and their added value for cities, new features of the Urban Platform and verticals for cities inserted in the Urban Catalogue.


- TELCO Products

The city’s investment in TELECOM represents an increased capacity to address expectations and needs in a more responsive and operable way. The added value of Ubiwhere is its ability to be an enabler/integrator of this vision, providing support throughout the city’s building as a neutral operator. This is a scale-up of the Smart City concept. This scale-up directly improved the city’s service quality, security, privacy and capacity to assess and audit the capillarity of its territory.


- New features of the Urban Platform

This year, the Urban Platform introduced two new features - AI Forecasting and the Mobile version for the citizen. In addition, a new feature of the Urban Platform was developed to manage information about buildings. The aim is to integrate city information on buildings, providing the platform with new layers of information, this time not restricted to public space.


- Verticals of Urban Catalogue

Ubiwhere continues to increase vertical solutions that respond directly to a domain of activity of cities, seeking to generate data and, from them, generate information for better decision-making. We presented some of our products: Smart Parking, Smart PAYT, Smart Tourism, Mobility Catalogue and Smart Air Quality.


The implementation of these vertical solutions, adjusted to the city’s specific needs and areas, is a first step towards the digitalisation of the city and the construction of the Smart City concept. From vision to reality, we work at the forefront of innovation.


The Ubiwhere team would like to thank everyone who visited us and praised our solutions. During these three days, our team presented Ubiwhere solutions that can meet the demanding challenges that smart cities face. We participated in talks, thematic meetings and presentation sessions, which made us believe that we are on the right track and creating an impact in the digital world. This adrenaline of recognition moved us and gave us the energy to keep proving that we could do more and better. And our team was and is proof that there is always a solution! Everything is possible when we work as a team.

It was great to return and be present at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022. Our goal was fulfilled: inspire and be inspired by people and show solutions that can improve the lives of citizens.

Thank you all. See you next year!