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About Us 

We bring people and technology together with innovative solutions


We have the innate desire of changing the World. That’s why we create, design and develop solutions that improve people’s life, bridging the existing gaps in the market.


What we do


Telecommunications’ industry is always changing as technology keeps evolving, raising interesting opportunities for service providers. Our portfolio includes a broad set of products, services and SaaS for the Telecom and Future Internet sector, tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Smart Cities

Urban population keeps growing, challenging cities to find the right balance between urban development needs and global environmental changes.
We focus on addressing smart cities’ challenges by developing mobility, environment, energy, waste and tourism management innovations capable of improving citizen’s quality of life.


The successful exploitation of innovative ideas comes from our ability to imagine and develop new tools for dynamic and challenging environments. We have a dedicated team specialised in IoT, 5G, cyber-security, edge computing, AI and data orchestration, among other essential topics to the R&I activities we efficiently carry out.


Our story

In 2007, a new chapter was born. A chapter that started with a special passion about technology. With time, this passion started to grow and has been consistently evolved into something bigger, with the goal of contributing to a better tomorrow to the future generations. Our team became more diversified and our partners played a key role in our path to the continuous deployment of user-centered software solutions.

Projects Done




Core Teams





Our office

The new headquarters in the bright city of Aveiro.

Our clean, minimalist and sunny headquarters have brought a new energy and a more welcoming workplace environment. With a simple and open space design, our departments can easily communicate and bring ideas to life. Aveiro is our home city, but we have a special tenderness for Coimbra, where we also have offices.



In charge Developers Designers Marketeers Business

Rui A. Costa


Nuno Ribeiro


Nuno Ribeiro


From idea to product. From vision to reality. Following our leaders’ vision, the Ubi-Family is naturally motivated to envision and create a better future with distinctive, smart and reliable solutions.
Our geeky devs have strong technical skills and background in developing, testing, delivering and launching a range of technologies and products to provide you with a reliable and top-notch service.

Our team outlines creative strategies to take your company’s identity to the next level. We keep your solutions clean and responsive enhancing your brand’s position in the digital world, always guaranteeing easy and intuitive navigation.


Our marketing team boosts your business with the definition of an integrated strategy to online and offline media channels, according to your specific targets. We think, design and implement the whole process, allowing us to identify opportunities for improvement or new potential businesses.


Our business experts identify the appropriate and promising business opportunities and make them happen through the implementation of fast-moving strategies that stand us out from the crowd.


How we work

Strategy Content Design Development Implementation Attendance
We join all forces with our teams, to strategy new products and solutions. Our Communication Team has powerful minds to make the best and most inspirational stories. Ubiwhere’s UI/UX and Graphic Designers have a clinical eye to create unique and dynamic materials. Bright-minded geeks and with the development-oriented brain. Pixel-perfect thinking that can make your project looks better than you can imagine before. We are always side-by-side with the client, with determination to always do more and better.